About Us

About Us




AL MIDWAKH was established in year 2000 to cater and satisfy your needs in choosing the quality tobacco for smoking.  AL MIDWAKH is one of the companies of ALI HAJI GROUP that was founded in 1968 by its founder MR. MOHAMMED ALI GHANBARI who is a farmer and entrepreneur. Giving all what he knew, his unremarkable hard work and passion to his small shop in Abu Dhabi pay off. He never makes failure as option not to reach for his dreams.


Today, AL MIDWAKH has been successfully operating for almost 16 years and still moving forward in giving you the best tobacco and services.


Our Mission


To provide a higher-grade tobacco and services from end to end and rise up honest truthful information to our customers and suppliers. Our future plan is to expand AL MIDWAKH by opening at least 8 more branches within the next 10 years.


Our Vision



To be incomparable in the industry we serve and are modified to have the strength and speed like an Eagle in soaring high. Combined with overcoming failure and grace as a small company, we fly forward to give you the best higher-grade tobacco and services.